Automatic Alternatives Mounting Utility (amount)

amount is a set of shell scripts in the form of a daemon and client, which provides users with the privilege of mounting select devices by a directory.

The amount daemon mounts devices to directories listed in a configuration file. Permission is optionally restricted to user and group of the client process. Directories may also be un-mounted likewise.


21 Oct. 2018V.1.5.2 (MD5:54baa1bbbf282b83a84b9c0cf0f5d502)— Auto-mount exit on failure fixed.
2 Oct. 2018V.1.5.1 (MD5:f14ec10a27afc2127d4592386b6ba5a7)— False failure when un-mounting fixed.
2 Oct. 2018V.1.5 (MD5:333dfd9dd9356e4444fd8ee31bd6e6f9)— Auto-mount on startup, automatic un-mounting; amount potential hanging fixed.
30 Sept. 2018V.1.4 (MD5:9db389f7fe0fd24146c2aeaf713e709b)— Automatic mounting; security fixes and template correction.
3 Sept. 2018V.1.3.1 (MD5:08fb78d224c5d75eeec3ce902c98e625)— Licensing.
30 Aug. 2018V.1.3 (MD5:165054ac7cebcfd4cd28983c5cc1719b)— Initial public release; including security fixes.

Copyright (C) 2018 James R.